Project kickoff meeting in Vienna

Official launch of GEYEDANCE, the EU funded project that will achieve a new AI platform as a world-first innovation for safe and efficient ocular surgery.

A successful kick-off meeting was organised from 3rd to 4th November, 2022 in Vienna, Austria. The 5 partners reunited to celebrate the birth of GEYEDANCE. The project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and coordinated by ACMIT Gmbh.

During the kick off meeting partners have gone through every single work package in detail and agreed on actions that need to be taken along with the time schedule to implement them. All project management issues and roles have been also sorted out to make the implementation of the project as smooth as possible.

Retina indications are the leading cause of visual impairment and retina surgery is a very challenging discipline using ultra-thin microsurgical, tremor-free instruments. In order to enhance surgeons’ skills during the high-precision surgical actions directly at the retina, in a confined space, the support of a robotic assistance is indispensable.

The GEYEDANCE project is utilizing advanced methods from AI to capture surgical experience and translating this into multi-modal user support functionalities in order to reduce patients’ discomfort, decrease costs and assist surgeons to perform better surgical outcomes for the patients.

The project aims to generate tangible and “close-to-certification“ technology reaching a TRL of 7 (or even higher), which will be achieved via a first validating clinical trials.

The consortium partners have different, complementary roles in the research and in the exploitation activities during the commercialisation phase after completion of the project.

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